Marriage Vows For Tegan

Tegan my beautiful bride
You are the rose halo of every sunset,
You are the afternoon light that falls across majestic mountains,
You are the rising ocean mist at dawn,
You are the peaceful sleep wrapped in dreamy warmth,
You are the wine of gods,
And you have permanently intoxicated my heart.

Tegan my most gorgeous love,
From our first moments,
And every moment since,
I have been absolutely in awe of you,
And I cannot help but covet and adore you all the time.

I love who you are,
I admire the way you move through each day,
I love your smiling eyes,
And they way you bring joy to every moment you are apart of,
I love and desire your infectious laughter,
I love the feeling of your hands in mine,
And I love that this feeling,
Is the feeling of home.

You are the love of my life and I am so grateful to have found you,
I want to thank you for loving me,
And I want to thank our beautiful families,
And our amazing friends,
For always supporting our love.

And here,
On our wedding day,
I promise to you,
That I will love you with everything that I am,
Until I am no longer,
And here I say to you,
That I want be your husband,
And promise to be the person that cheers loudest at you’re every accomplishment,
Be the man who will always put you before him,
Be the lover who will always care for your soul,
Be the fool who will do anything to make you smile,
Be the human you can always trust with your heart,
And the person you can always count on to be there for you.

It would bring me endless joy to be your husband,
And I would be forever honored if you would be my wife.

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