Members: Chris (drums/vocals), Kian (guitar), Gip (guitar/vocals) and Chuck (bass).

The story of Fun Blood (April 2008 – May 2009)...Kian responded to Chris's ad for a guitar player on craiglist (they bonded over a mutual love of the Coachwhips). Chris added his friend Gip (cafe coworker), and Chuck (his roomate), to the band. We practiced for a year at Lennon Studios in SoMa on most Saturdays. And we self-recorded inside Lennon on an old Tascam 4-track Cassette Portastudio. The band played shows on the tail-end of the garage sound era that happened here (punk was almost snuffed out at this point), during peak myspace, and while the SF sound-scene was morphing into attic/indie rock and entering the Pitchfork-verse. Our first show was on the dirt floor basement of Thrillhouse Records, and our last show was at the Roll Up, a punk bikeshop in Oakland. Likely our music sucked to most ears, but we loved it, and had a great time playing it. Further we got to play with some excellent bands like Eat Skull, Ganglians, Hank IV, Bare Wires, Hesperian, and the Mutators. Fun Blood disbanded when Gip and his wife Lauren decided to move to Madeline Island, Wisconsin, where they eventually started a family and opened up the acclaimed Farmhouse restaurant. Chris married Zoe, and moved on to NYC, eventually moving on to Australia. Chuck went back to Brooklyn, and Kian stayed in SF (yep, still here).

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